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Herobrine, a mysterious player, who is an entity that haunts Minecraft.

Backstory/Theory Edit

Herobrine was first discovered in Minecraft when a curious player saw him in the fog (tiny render distance). The player purued Herobrine, but he was... gone. The myth goes to say that Herobrine knew that he was being followed. He's also been seen in every version of minecraft, from Alpha to 1.7.4

Herobrine started out as Steve's brother, Steven. Steven killed other players and gained their abilities, leaving Notch the only one left. He is now Herobrine, lord of: The Nether, The End, Mining, Fire, Weather, Monsters, Flight, Teleportation, Darkness, Combat, and Building. Steven got his white eyes because Notch killed him in means of self defense. Herobrine got hit by lightning just as he died, giving him energy, burning his eyes and further contaminating him. He came back to life once Hardcore mode was added. Remember, this is only legend. I got this story from a Herobrinologist who managed to get rid of all the red tape of Herobrine's story. In every update put into the game, on the bottom, it says "Removed Herobrine" just that they prove that Herobrine is not in any if the versions.

Abilities Edit

Herobrine walks/runs/swims/ fly faster than the player. He can easily dissappear from the player. His most prominent ability is to stare at the player and burn him or her until they die. Herobrine has an arsenal of items, as if he is in Creative mode. It is assumed he can see in the dark with his glowing eyes. If you manage to kill him, he teleports out of your game, or he spawns back in your game. Hero brine can also punch you in to survival mode when your in Creative mode! He can right signs quickly. =D =D :-)

Trivia Edit

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