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Herobrine, a mysterious player, who is an entity that haunts Minecraft.

Backstory/Theory Edit

Herobrine was first discovered in Minecraft when a curious player saw him in the fog (tiny render distance). 

Herobrine will kill you. Signs of "it" are trees without leaves, three by three squares of sand with one block of sand on top, also tunnels under ground. People say that "it" is played by a computer. In recent updates for example the bountiful update which includes rabbit, herobrine was removed on the pc. We think 4studios has removed him on Xbox...we are not for sure.

Abilities Edit

Herobrine walks/runs/swims/flys faster than the player. He can easily dissappear from the player. His most prominent ability is to stare at the player and burn him or her until they die. Herobrine has an arsenal of items, as if he is in Creative mode. It is assumed he can see in the dark with his glowing eyes. If you manage to kill him, he teleports out of your game, or he spawns back in your game. Herobrine can also punch you into survival mode when you're in Creative mode! He can write signs quickly, so the signs frighten the player.

Trivia Edit

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