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I was chopping down wood like a normal person but then I turned back.What I saw was a white eyed creature I walked towards it but it left.i thought it was a glitch or something so I kept cutting down wood.When I finished my house I looked for animals.But there was nothing at all.Is this another glitch?I thought.So I thought im gonna go mining for diamonds.But I saw him again i said 'Am i on single player? And I was i started mining when i hit a cave redstone went behind me.Mods everywhere! And then i knew I wasn't alone.I was gonna go back up but i was trapped.I saw lava coming towards me and tnt blowing up.I made buckets and picked the lava up.While a tnt blew me up all the way to a house.I was almost dead with nothing i woke up in this strange house. Herobrine story part two With nether bricks and lava while i was awake i saw it again a white eyed creature i didn't see it that well while i was naseaus and poisned.I didn't remember anything just me in a cave.I saw potions and a guy i asked him to help me.But when he turned around I was dead and i was in a desert.I saw a temple and i went in it when i saw chests something pushed me in it and i saw it again while i fell.I saw a steve with white eyes.I thought it was my friend steve44 but he had no name tag.The tempe blew up while he watched me die.I said "IM TIRED OF THIS PERSON!!!"And i quit the game whiled i searched the minecraft wiki and i saw the search option.When i knew all about him.I knew i needed to be prepared.Everytime while i was walking places to get out of traps and buildings.I saw signs that said words like ilkl or athcw tuo.And I saw buildings with lava and where ever I go it wouldn't stop. To Be Continued...

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