I was chopping down wood like a normal person but then I turned back. What I saw was a white eyed creature. I walked towards it but it left. I thought it was a glitch or something so I kept cutting down wood. When I finished my ho t see it that well while I was nauseous and poisoned. I didn't remember anything just me in a cave. I saw potions and a guy. I asked him to help me, but when he turned around I was dead and I was in a desert. I saw a temple and I went in it when I saw chests. Something pushed me in it and I saw it again while I fell. I saw a Steve with white eyes. I thought it was my friend steve44 but he had no name tag.The temple blew up while he watched me die. I said "I'M TIRED OF THIS PERSON!!!"And I quit the game while I searched the Minecraft Wiki and I saw the search option.When I knew all about him, I knew I needed to be prepared. Every time while I was walking places to get out of traps and buildings. I saw signs that said words like ilkl or athcw tuo. And I saw buildings with lava and where ever I go it wouldn't stop. To Be Continued... I suck but Herobrine is really cool chopping down wood is not normal this friggin ugliness is so ugly.

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