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I had recently spawned a new world in single-player Minecraft. Everything was normal at first as I began chopping down trees and crafting a workbench. I noticed something move amongst the dense fog (I have a very slow computer so I have to play with a tiny render distance). I thought it was a cow, so I pursued it, hoping to grab some hides for armor.

It wasn't a cow though. Looking back at me was a strange white eyed figure, I pursued out of curiosity, but he was gone.

I saved the map and went on the forums to see if anyone else had found the mysterious-player. There were none. I created my own topic telling of the man and asking if anyone had a similar experience. The post was deleted within five minutes. I tried again, and the topic was deleted even faster. I received a PM from username 'Herobrine' containing one word: 'Stop.' When I went to look at Herobrine's profile, the page 404'd.

I received an email from another forum user. He claimed the mods can read the forum user messages, so we were safer using email. The emailer claimed that he had seen the mystery player too, and had a small 'directory' of other users who had seen him as well. Their worlds were littered with obviously man-made features as well, and described their mystery player to have no pupils.

I did,but he is no longer with us.


I haven't seen the mystery man since our first encounter, and I haven't noticed any changes to the world other than my own. I was able to press 'print screen' when I first saw him. Here's the only evidence of his existance:

Story 2:

Herobrine: 1.6.2

I had recently spawned in a new world with the seed Nomad. As you normal do I went about collecting materials such as wood stone and minerals. The first strange thing that I noticed was that there were a few trees in a swamp biome without any leaves; I disregarded it as a world generator glitch.

The wood I collected earlier, I used to build my house. Everything was fine and going swimmingly. As night began to fall I decided to make a mine but when I got down to bedrock I saw that there was a cave at that level. I had never seen anything like it so I explored, naturally.

By this time I had collected 26 diamonds which I used to make tools and armour. Once I had finished that I noticed a figure staring back at me through the fog (I had my render distance on tiny because of lag). I went to see who the figure was but he disappeared before I got to where he was, when I reached the spot where I was there was a sign with one word on it: “Stop.”

I had my compass and map to find my way home but the compass said I was standing on my spawn point! Which I wasn’t, and the map said that my house was where I was standing. By this time I had realised the possibility of “him” being real. After that ordeal I went to find my house, when I returned it was burning to the ground and outside of it was Herobrine standing there. I ran so fast to a ravine were I made a safety shelter.

When I got to the shelter I look out of the window to find “him” standing on the edge of the ravine. When I looked at him my minecraft crashed from the “out of memory!” crash. When I looked at the crash report it said this:

Crash.cause unknown.entity: “Herobrine” script.reload failed

When I went back into my game all my worlds were gone. After that I wrote this document detailing my sighting of Herobrine.

He is real.


If you have questions or anything email me:

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Story 3 Herobrine 1.7.2

I had created a new world that I was planning to play with my friend. I chopped down some trees and when I made a workbench, I saw something move in the water. I thought it was my friend but I didn't remember a name popping up on the chat. I went to the water, but there was nothing there. I went to continue my survival not knowing what to see. When I was mining for some iron, I found a 2x2 tunnel and I pyramid inside. I went into the tunnel and saw "him." I closed the world and I wanted to restart it. When I went to single player, all my worlds were gone. I created another world but then I crashed. I was scared so I made another world and put it in creative and superflat. When I came into the world I saw a village. I wanted to see what they were trading so I went to the village. Then I saw a villager with white eyes. I closed the world and reopened. All my worlds were deleted again. I think Herobrine is real.

Story 4, 1.7.4, Username: EnderNinja8888 March 11, 2014 I started up a single player world. I killed some pigs, but the pigs didn't run. I thought this was strange. I got some wood and stone, and built a little hut. Every thing was going fine. Then I decided to mine for diamonds. When I went back to the entrance to the mine, there was a long burst of lag. I looked up to the top of the mine and there he was. Everything you would expect about him. The white eyes, Steve skin, everything that describes him. My Minecraft crashed. When I came back on, I spawned at my house, which was strange, because when I crashed I was in the mine. My house was burning down, and I exploded and died. I was so freaked out, I deleted the world. But it was not over. I went on my favorite sever, the Hydra.( I spawned in the wild where I was before, and there was a trail of redstone torches that was not there when I last came on.(Yesterday). I followed, and it led straight to a cave. Deep in the cave was Herobrine. My Minecraft crashed for the rest of the day. When I came on a day later, all my worlds and servers were deleted. I got them back. I was so disturbed I did not play Minecraft for the rest of the month. I am writing this on the day of the sighting. I believe him. You may think you want to see him, but trust me, you DON'T.

                  Enderman1357   I spawned in a single player world called lymad. I spawned in a jungle I got coco beans and wood. I built my house on sand then my game lagged and then I saw through the fog a steve player that had white eyes I was so fricken scared I only had a wooden sword and a stone pick I when to see the mysterious figure the closer my game would lag even more then before then my game crashed and I deleted my world and the game. And trust me you do not want to want to meet herobrine.

My encounter with the dead menace

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