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Omg herobrine in teh house!

this is a herobrine sighting of someone

Placeholder person


==He has to be real sightings==

I spawned in a world I called My Single World which was single player and the seed as PonyTime! i playedas I went to find trees I saw trees with no leaves I got those wood and collected some sand then I saw water with perfectly fit pyramids on it and a mine with 4x4 mines in it then i saw another entrance for it then i noticed it was the same as the one I was just in so I continued building my house and beds and some chests then I went to look for a mine then it started raining in a snow biome then when I came to a plain biome it was kind of foggy the rain stopped then i saw a player with no pupils on his eyes then I went to him he disappeared then i saw a sign saying "Only God Can Save You Now" I was shocked then i went to the Internet then I went to the Wikia page then there was a page called HeroBrine I soon discovered that the guy on the corner of my computer was "Him" as soon as that happened I freaked out the world turned into the world name "Nightmare" I couldn't find the other singleplayer worlds because they were all gone then i never made a singleplayer world until now and yesterday. no herobrine. but not that sure? HES REAL!

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HEROBRINE IS REAL! I HAVE PROOF! PS: please note that you are all gayEdit

that all raderss are gay. Edit

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