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I had recently spawnt to a new world.I watched tutorials about minecraft so I began chopping down trees.As the next day I was going to mine but when I checked in the chest and there was nothing but front of my mini house there was a sign.I saw it and it said "stop".I was on a singleplayer though.I had nobody else get to go on my world but how?Then I saw a figure appear in the distance.It got foggy for no reason.then it rained then dissapeared.I had searched on the wiki that I searched him but it showed a man like him and the name was HEROBRINE.When I came back on the game the next day I saw more things like 2x2 tunnels.But then I got hit when I entered the tunnel.So I second later I got back on.then I saw him staring at me with his white glowing eyes.Then it had no memory then now.I had only nothing in the minecraft worlds.So I never played again...

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