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First sighting: he was destroying my massive statue of Skydoesminecraft from a friend of mine.

third sighting: i had just been mining and i was walking out of my mine entrance. from out of nowhere, A waterfall spawned.

fourth sighting: he was making statues of himself everywhere, by each one there was a portal with waterfalls protruding everywhere, and a lot of gold. He killed me by shooting guns.

fifth sighting: He climbed through my window and created a maze full of floating water.

sixth sighting: mining a diamond ore and he appeared In a room full of diamond

Herobrine: 1.6.2

I had recently spawned in a new world with the seed Nomad. As you normal do I went about collecting materials such as wood stone and minerals. The first strange thing that I noticed was that there were a few trees in a swamp biome without any leaves; I disregarded it as a world generator glitch.

The wood I collected earlier, I used to build my house. Everything was fine and going swimmingly. As night began to fall I decided to make a mine but when I got down to bedrock I saw that there was a cave at that level. I had never seen anything like it so I explored, naturally.

By this time I had collected 26 diamonds which I used to make tools and armour. Once I had finished that I noticed a figure staring back at me through the fog (I had my render distance on tiny because of lag). I went to see who the figure was but he disappeared before I got to where he was, when I reached the spot where I was there was a sign with one word on it: “Stop.”

I had my compass and map to find my way home but the compass said I was standing on my spawn point! Which I wasn’t, and the map said that my house was where I was standing. By this time I had realised the possibility of “him” being real. After that ordeal I went to find my house, when I returned it was burning to the ground and outside of it was Herobrine standing there. I ran so fast to a ravine were I made a safety shelter.

When I got to the shelter I look out of the window to find “him” standing on the edge of the ravine. When I looked at him my minecraft crashed from the “out of memory!” crash. When I looked at the crash report it said this:

Crash.cause unknown.entity: “Herobrine” script.reload failed

When I went back into my game all my worlds were gone. After that I wrote this document detailing my sighting of Herobrine.

He is real.


If you have questions or anything email me:

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